Citrix & Virtual App Hosting - Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles Servers Are Offline


Cloud hosting services delivered out of the Lake Charles data center were recovered into disaster recovery services with Citrix desktops re-routed on 9/1/2020. Services will continue to run out of the offsite disaster recovery environment until reliable power and Internet services available in the Lake Charles data center.

NOTE that most Lake Charles customers are unaffected by this event as they are hosted out of Azure.

Problem Identified

Server@Work engineers are implementing business continuity procedures for Lake Charles Chase building clients. Virtual servers are being brought online in our private secure clouds and connectivity will be routed through previous login addresses. No configuration changes will be required for Chase building clients.

ETA for service disaster recovery is 8/27/2020.


Servers and virtual platforms for local offices in Southwest Louisiana are offline due to power and Internet outages resulting from Hurricane Laura. We are expecting this downtime to last for a considerable amount of time due to local damages to power and infrastructure.

Individual client disaster recovery and business continuity procedures are being followed on a case-by-case basis with long-term migrations moving clients to our Microsoft Azure private cloud.